Nicole Fang: I Am Every Woman

Photographer Nicole Fang

Model Angel Cheng @Powell Models

Fashion Designer Alphabe The Label

Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist Danielle Ng

Wardrobe Stylist Nick Tran

Fashion Designer Sindecisive Couture

Accessory Designer Sarra Tzijan

Model Jackie Zdanowicz

Accessory Designer Danielle Lo

Fashion Designer Tahuna


“This editorial brought together a few elements that I’ve been battling with internally when it came to standards in beauty and fashion. It was the one place many people like myself has felt shut out for so long due to the very difference in our features and the color of our skin. And I wanted to use this series as way to start to celebrate the different types of women in our community here in South Australia. To build each other up rather than tearing down. “ Nicole Fang

Eloque Magazine