Stefan Johnson: Imperialisme

Photographer - Stefan Johnson
Stylist - Erin Harder
Hair - Kevin Lesperance
Makeup - Asha Dechamplain
Model - Elaina Winslow Hansen @nextcanada

"The inspiration for this shoot was the 60s/70s youth movements, with a minor-inspiration of communist fashion. While that doesn't sound very whimsical, there is such an innocence to our protagonist, the beautiful Elaina, who was our model for the day, that the photos display a light and inquisitive nature. We chose to focus this shoot outdoors, in a nature-based urban setting. This shoot is relevant to our world today - the youth are our hope. They can no longer stay buried in the world of social media - they have to pay attention to the real issues that affect their (and by relation, all of our) future."

Erin Harder, stylist

Imperialisme by Stefan Johnson ELOQUE magazine
Eloque Magazine