Serafina Andrew: Emotional Embraced

Photographer: Serafina Andrew
Male Model: Ike Ortiz

"Ike Ortiz is a musician. He reached out to me, asking me to do a photoshoot for his upcoming album. He told me he had never done a photoshoot before and felt a little insecure because of that but he wanted to shoot with me anyway. He believes in what I do and in the vision I have for each shoot. 
When we met and started shooting I told him to just focus on himself. We listened to the music he loves and later we started to listen to his own music, which is very emotional and filled with depth. He felt more comfortable and was able to express himself with movements and feelings to his own art R&B/Soul music. Since the pictures are meant to be on the cover of his new album, my main goal was to capture his as pure as he is the true Ike Ortiz in his element. 
Here, you can find lots of emotional facial expressions – that leads me to the name of the editorial – Emotional Embraced. You should have seen Ike as soon as he felt comfortable, how his face glowed up and how he really embraced every single emotion he had while vibing to the tunes that he loves. 
Go and listen to his music on Soundcloud, it is an amazing experience."
Eloque Magazine