Yubi Lee: Modern Modesty

Female Model: Davinya Cooper
Lighting Designer: Eliza Bourner
Photographer: Yubi Lee
Fashion Designer: KiKi Chong
Makeup Artist: Rina Shi
Assistant: Jaeyoon Maeng

"This is an editorial to encourage and display the beauty of the virtue 'modesty' in women. Modesty is a virtue that has been forgotten in this modern days and in fact it is beyond garment, it is a lifestyle and characteristics that the female may have. It is a lifestyle of humility, solitary, and faithful, but confident. Apples signify the "apples of the eye" that women tends to thirst for (fame, appearance, social media, money etc.), which a modest woman knows what her one choice is and gives faith. Modesty in women should not be a restriction of veiling certain parts of body, but a freedom and a confidence to accept and embrace one's individuality of body and heart."

Eloque Magazine